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What I’m doing

Cast your mind back to July (or scroll down the page) and you’ll know I became a part time barista. No more.

Flat white with Latte Art


Somewhere along the way I became a full timer. Hence the lack of action on this blog.

For those interested (which is all of you, of course) you can find me plying my trade at Surbiton’s The Press Room.

La Marzocco FB/80, Mahlkonig grinder, glorious Has Bean beans (initially Jabberwocky but now developing our own blend), 21 glorious teas from Edinburgh’s Eteaket and a delightful wine list.

So that means that I might, on occasion, talk about my place of work. I’ll let others judge its noteworthiness.

I’m also going to refrain from reviewing other Surbiton cafes – and there are a couple of other good ones: Pickled Pantry and Foodie are worth a visit.

Apart from that, it will be business as normal, as and when I can get to new cafes.

I’ll also be reviewing some new kit and writing a bit more about professional knowledge.

Drink the best coffee; return the duds.


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