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Great filter coffee from Dark Fluid roasters

So at the moment, I’m concentrating on the Hario V60 for home coffee making. And it’s still good!

Happy espresso

Currently I’m throwing Dark Fluid coffee beans through it as quickly as possible – from an ingestion point of view.

I met Lawrence Sinclair from Dark Fluid last weekend at the soft launch of The Dish and Spoon cafe in Dulwich. It’s a really good suburban cafe with ample seating and  plenty of room for prams. Lawrence was putting the coffee machine through it’s paces and helping cafe owner Shona Chambers get some of her procedures into place. He was also drawing shots of his beans through the machine.

For caffeinistas who enjoy exploring London for good coffee, head to Brockley Market on Saturdays where Dark Fluid have a coffee cart.

The Dark Fluid espresso beans have a sweet and sour tussle going on – no discernible bitterness there at all. So I bought a couple of packs of the Dark Fluid beans to test at home. Lawrence recommended the Columbian Juan Setelo for a general purpose bean and hinted at the Ethiopian Yirgachefe Kochere beans as something a little different.

So I bought both – as you do.

For those not familiar with Yirgachefe, it’s a region in southern Ethiopia while Kochere is a sub-region on the border of Yirgachefe and Southern Oromia

Here are the Yirgachefe.

Coffee beans from Dark Fluid roasters

Ethiopian Kochere

24g of Yirgachefe beans

24g of coffee

The bloom wasn’t particularly big on these beans – unlike the Colombians

Initial bloom of coffee beans

Ethiopian bloom

24grams of beans and 400mls of water later and I had the following.

Pot of coffee

400ml of Ethiopian Yirgachefe coffee

And the taste?

Very clean. There was no oiliness to the mouth-feel at all. As the coffee cooled, it developed in acidity, displaying a lemon-water flavour. (I’m still getting to grips with the term floral to describe the aroma of typical African coffees.) I’ve been through four pots of Dark Fluid’s Yirgachefe now and my one regret is that I didn’t buy more.

It may not be everyone’s cup of… um… tea. You won’t find bitter-sweet chocolatey notes here. It tastes more like a palate cleanser – a great summer coffee, to my mind.


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2 thoughts on “Great filter coffee from Dark Fluid roasters

  1. Great piece. I have been to Providores and also encountered Volcano at, if memory serves, Eat Drink Do on the Caledonian Rd. Come north, sir. You’ll enjoy it!

  2. Oops, posted that on the wrong entry. Still, liked this one too 🙂

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