The Electric Coffee Bean Experience

The search for kickass coffee

Learning to make coffee in London

London School of Coffee – VRQ City and Guilds barista course

Day one was tiring. Who knew becoming a barista would involve so many brain cells?

So: coffee in two major cultivars – Arabica and Robusta orginally from Eastern Africa but first cultivated in Yemen, grows across the eqautorial reason but robusta up to 1000m and arabica 1000m to 1500m because caffeine is a poison – an insecticide – meaning robusta is more robust due to higher caffeine levels and therefore less susceptible to insect predation but the flavours are not there so Arabica prized higher.

The grinder is the most important piece of equipment and needs adjusting throughout the day.

Tamping your dose is important but not overly critical so long as the coffee isn’t loose in the bowl.

Milk – aerate it first and do it quickly before texturing and heating.

That’s not all there is to it but I’m too knackered to go further into detail. You’ll just have to ask me to make you a latte 🙂


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