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Espresso Joe and the new nude

This article first appeared in on 16 May 2011

There are few things that I like better than freshly ground and brewed coffee: my family, a Roy Buchanan solo, Gibson guitars and… Kiwi success stories.

This week nude espresso have opened their third establishment in London and it looks great. Situated in London’s Soho Square, the café is a major move away from Shoreditch, the site of nude’s other café and roastery. If Shoreditch seemed too far for you to travel, make sure you get to the Soho site soon – it’s brand new and therefore still something of a secret – but it won’t remain a secret for long.

Richard Reed told me that the fitting took just three weeks – the 18 to 20 hours days were a small price to pay for getting the site developed as and when they wanted it.

Step outside and Soho Square is 30 paces away with lawn to lay upon while leafing through a novel and sipping on a long black. Stay inside and there are plenty of seats to choose from, including a discreet mezzanine floor. At the time of writing, nude were still awaiting the arrival of even more seating.

And how good is the coffee? If you’ve tried their first café you’ll know that nude take espresso very seriously – so seriously that they roast the beans themselves. If you haven’t tried them before, then you’re in for a treat. The espresso blend consists of three single origin beans and the guys are constantly tinkering with it to allow for seasonal and roasting variations. This is really good coffee prepared by well trained baristi and can be bought in whole-bean form instore or online.

Food is sandwiches plus yummy sweet treats, the standard café fair. And there are chocolate lamingtons.

The downsides? Do bring cash as there is as yet no electronic payment available. There are also no toilets.

What: nude espresso.

When: open 8-5 weekdays and 10-5 weekends.

Where: the north east corner of Soho Square, one block south of Oxford St and 150m away from Tottenham Court Underground station.

Verdict: get there soon.

Happy espresso

Must try


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