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Espresso Joe and the big chain

You’d think I’d know better by now.

But the sign said ‘new experience in coffee’ and ‘the future of cafes’ so, obviously being a sucker for advertising of any kind I trooped dutifully into the newest Costa in Canary Wharf.

Should I need an extra shot in my flat white – to make it a triple?

I won’t answer that.

What do I like about this new Costa? It has an abundance of power points, allowing you to run a small business from here. The seats are comfortable. There are a lot of staff and… um… at least three tills and you can use your debit card here.

What else? The coffee is hot. And comes in large cups. Am I reaching too far now? The new Costa in Canary Wharf is big, clean and shiny. You can get an ok coffee and one or two of the staff do actually seem concerned about improving the customer experience.

Alas, I have not come across anyone that I’d consider capable of making a good coffee here. Contrast it with the older Costa tucked away near the Canary Wharf Waitrose where there is someone who can make a decent cup, even with the supplied beans.

If you’re looking for a decent coffee experience, you’re probably not going to be looking in Canary Wharf. But if you do find yourself desperate for a caffeine fix, there really are worse places to grab a coffee than the new Costa. It’s a chain. Enough said.

Ive had better


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