The Electric Coffee Bean Experience

The search for kickass coffee


From the Thika District in Kenya, northeast of Nairobi.

What they saidkenyan coffee

– full of bold fruit flavours and juicy acidity. Bright blackcurrant and blackberry fruit with full body and medium acidity. Due to the comparatively low temperatures at the farm and high altitude, the fermentation time can take up to 36 hours.

What we said:

Disappointing coffee for us. The aroma was good on the nose as I opened the pack but everything else about this coffee was decidedly average. Crema was poor. The taste was distinctly woody rather than fruit-laden. The aftertaste was quite long and very dry, as if sucking on a wooden ice cream stick for a long time. After 250g of this coffee, I would not be in a rush to replenish my supply. Better than a supermarket brand though and you couldn’t say it was bland. Not my cup of coffee but my tastes do run more to spice notes – not fruit or herbal.

7 out of 10 beans.


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