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ASDA Extra Special Brazilian

origin of coffeeThe Pack Blurb:

Medium Strong/4 from the Minas Gerais region.

What they said:

This excellent Arabica coffee is produced using a method called “pulped natural”. This involves passing the freshly picked coffee cherries through a mill to leave a sticky sweet coating on the beans. These are then dried under tropical sunshine, producing a complex, rich and treacly flavour. The beans are then roasted on the darker side of medium making this an ideal coffee to serve after dinner or for those who enjoy a richer, fuller cup.

What we said:

Unsealing the pack was a real delight as I was hit by the treacly aroma promised by the pack. My nostrils sat up and paid attention. Could a supermarket branded coffee deliver? Downhill from there I’m afraid. The crema was poor, almost non-existent. The brew looked somewhat weak. I’ll grant that the barista can have something to do with it but I made it to my usual standards. The nose wasn’t too shabby. Definitely smelled like coffee, which is a start, right? Tasting was reasonable. Not as strong as I would have expected for a supposed darker roast. A touch of wood on the tongue without that unnerving sensation of drawing an ice cream stick over my teeth. Flavours did develop as the brew cooled down. A touch of cocoa and an earthiness that was unexpected and pleasant.


If I only had the brand to choose from, this would be the roast I’d choose. Other than that, save your money.

5 beans out of 10.


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